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Adding the Booking Calendar to your Facebook page

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Add your webreserv calendar on FacebookIt is now possible to embed the new booking calendar on your Facebook page. Check our Facebook page to see how it looks.

The set up process is fairly straightforward with an end result being a fully functional booking system for your business available on your Facebook page. Just follow the steps.

Note: It is also possible to embed the booking calendar 1.0 following the same method.

1.    Locate the app on Facebook

Once you have completed the setup of your account, you can now add it to your Facebook page. To embed the WebReserv booking calendar into Facebook, go to the following Facebook Application page, and click on “Add Static HTML to a Page”.

Get the Facebook app to add the WebReserv booking calendar to your page Read the rest of this entry »

New booking calendar setup

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The new WebReserv booking calendar setup makes it very simple to add the booking calendar to your website. To add the booking calendar to your website, log on to your WebReserv account and go to Website – Booking Calendar.

On the booking calendar page you can specify how the booking calendar will look on your website. The different options are detailed below.

Style: Specifies how you want the booking calendar to appear on your website. You can choose between Link (default), Embedded or Button. The Link and Embedded options are the two most popular methods. With the link method, you’ll get a link that you can add to your existing website. When a user clicks the link on your website, the user will be forwarded to the booking calendar where the availability can be viewed and reservation(s) can be made. The button works in the same way, except that the user will see a booking button instead of a booking link.

Booking calendar standard
Booking calendar standard

The embedded option is slightly different. With the embedded option, the user will stay on your website, but will see the booking calendar inside your website. There is also a difference in what is shown in the booking calendar: when the booking calendar is opened with a button or a link, it will have a header with your business name, address, contact information and a link back to the website. The embedded calendar does not show the business information as this information usually is shown on the website.

Embedded booking calendar with listing
Embedded booking calendar with listing

Include Search Dates: If this option (and include listing) is set to yes, the customer will be able to search for a specific date range to view availability and rates across all your products.

Booking calendar search
Booking calendar search

Include search dates has no effect if include listing is set to no.

Include Listing: If this option is set to yes, the customer will see a list of all products/units. If it is set to no, the booking calendar will not show a list of products, but will instead show a detailed reservation calendar.

booking calendar with no listing
booking calendar with no listing


After selecting the style of your booking calendar, click the preview button and a preview will be shown on the right side of the screen. If necessary, you can change the options and click preview again to see how different settings affect the booking calendar.

Booking calendar preview
Booking calendar preview

Customizing colors

In many cases you’ll want to have a booking calendar that uses the same colors as your website. To customize the colors, select no to “Use standard colors“. You can customize three types of colors in the booking calendar: the text color, the background color and the border color. To change a color, simply click the corresponding color field and pick the color from the color selector. If you know the RGB code (hex) you can enter this directly in the color field.

Booking calendar color selector
Booking calendar color selector

After changing the colors, simply click the preview button again to refresh the preview on the right side.

booking calendar with user colors
booking calendar with user colors

Adding the booking calendar to your website

When you are done customizing the booking calendar, copy the HTML code from the code window on the left side of the screen and paste the HTML code into your website editor at the place where you want the link, button or calendar.

Congratulations – you have now completed the booking calendar customization and setup process.

Booking calendar embedded on website
Booking calendar embedded on website

More information

For more information about the claendar 1.0, see our help file

To see our new calendar 2.0, check our demo

New Booking Calendar

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Many of you are using the WebReserv booking calendar (also called booking widget) on your website. Next month we’ll release a new and updated booking calendar with integrated date search capability.

The new booking calendar allows your customers to search for available units based on dates and quickly compare units and prices before making a reservation. It’s a significant improvement from the existing calendar, which requires the customer to select a product before they can view availability.

Similar to the existing booking calendar, the new calendar can be styled to match your website’s color-scheme so it will blend in with your website.

New booking calendar
New booking calendar

When you link to the new booking calendar from your website, your customers will be presented with a list of your units along with a date-search field. The customer can enter or select a specific date range in the list and can quickly see what units are available and what their rates are. As with the existing booking calendar, your customers can complete the entire booking process in just a few minutes.

What happens to the existing booking calendar?
The existing booking calendar will still work the way it does today. If you want to use the new booking calendar, you will have to change the URL (Internet address) to the calendar.

Is there any cost for using this new feature?
No, the new booking calendar is included with your Gold or Multi-Location account. The new booking calendar is not available for account levels below the Gold level.

Can I use the new booking calendar for fixed schedules?
The new booking calendar will show all products, however, it will only show rates and availability for units that can be booked daily.

This sounds great, when will it be available?
The new booking calendar will be available on May 18th.


Want to see something new? check our calendar 2.0

Adding the availability calendar to your website

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The reservation widget / availability calendar is a cool utility from It can be added to one or more existing websites and provides all the reservation functionality needed to make a website interesting for the consumer. The reservation widget provides the following features:  availability calendar, customer information, credit card information.

The reservation widget can be embedded within your site or it can be opened as a pop-up window. In most cases, you’ll want to embed it in your site as it looks awesome with the availability calendar right there on your website.  It is easy to customize the reservation widget to have the same look as your own website (colors, fonts etc). Whether you embed the widget or open it as a popup-window will give you the same functionality.

How to embed the availability calendar

When you embed the reservation widget / availability calendar on your website, you can make it blend completely with your website layout and many customers prefer this option for that reason. In the screenshot (and example link) we made Casa Deco’s booking component use the same colors as the website, and the result is impressive.  Click here to see it:

Embedded availability calendar

How to pop-up the availability calendar

The pop-up version widget can be added to any website with just one line of HTML code. With the pop-up approach, you’ll get a booking button on your website, and a booking window will open when a customer clicks the booking button.
This is what the pop-up widget looks like:

The pop-up availability calendar

Note: You can copy the HTML code from and paste it onto your website. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu. Click here to see it:

Adding the booking component as an embedded component requires a few more lines of HTML code and possibly a little bit of tuning to get the colors right. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu.

To know how to embed the new calendar 2.0, click here.