Recommend us


So you are using WebReserv and you would like to recommend it to someone. Wonderful! We have a fantastic referral program for you.

How does it work?

It’s easy, when creating a new WebReserv account on either (if your business is based in Europe) or (if you business is based in the US), just add “Referral” and your full name in the field “How did you hear about us”. If the client signs up for a paying account for more than 3 months you will make money as well.

Make money with us

You can easily make money recommending us. Here are the commission details:

Level: Sign-up Commission: Monthly Commission: If client sign up for 1 year
WebReserv Gold 30 € 20% About 100 € in total
WebReserv Silver 20 € 15% About 50 € in total