How to add your WebReserv booking calendar to your Facebook page – Newer and easier method

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Add your WebReserv booking system to your websitebuilder.com website

A few years ago we published a tutorial to explain how to integrate your WebReserv online booking system to your Facebook page. Back then, it was necessary to use a third party app to do the integration. Today Facebook is able to provide a very good solution that will make that integration much easier. In the following article we will describe how.


Why should you use the WebReserv booking system?

The WebReserv booking system is a fantastic tool for your booking needs. WebReserv is ideal for small businesses and has all the features you’re looking for to allow your customers to make instant reservations on your website or your Facebook page. Want to know how to embed WebReserv in your Facebook page? Keep reading…

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Adding the Booking Calendar to your Facebook page

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Add your webreserv calendar on FacebookIt is now possible to embed the new booking calendar on your Facebook page. Check our Facebook page to see how it looks.

The set up process is fairly straightforward with an end result being a fully functional booking system for your business available on your Facebook page. Just follow the steps.

Note: It is also possible to embed the booking calendar 1.0 following the same method.

1.    Locate the app on Facebook

Once you have completed the setup of your account, you can now add it to your Facebook page. To embed the WebReserv booking calendar into Facebook, go to the following Facebook Application page http://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus, and click on “Add Static HTML to a Page”.

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