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Stripe added as a Payment Processor

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Welcome to 2018!  We’re excited for the new year, and happy to announce that we’ve added a new option to our list of compatible payment processors: StripeStripe image

To get an account with Stripe, visit their website to create an account.

If you have an existing Stripe account, you can add the integration to your WebReserv account easily.

To do so, log into your WebReserv account, and go to the Setup – Business Information.  Select Payments from the left column.

First, you’ll want to enable the credit card option in the Payment Processing section.  Select Creditcard, and Auto Process.

Credit card autoprocess

Next, in the Payment Gateway section, select Stripe from the drop down menu.  Here you will enter your Secret Key from your Stripe account.  (Note: you can access your Secret Key through the Dashboard of your Stripe account.) After you add the secret key, save your changes by clicking Save and continue at the bottom of the page. Stripe setup

That’s it!  You’ve successfully setup the integration with Stripe.

After setup is complete, you’ll want to make a test transaction to ensure it is working properly. The system allows you to enter a test transaction through the Payment Center.  To access, go to Frontdesk – Payment Center.  Select the ePay Virtual Terminal option.

Here you can enter a small transaction using a credit card to ensure that you get an authorization.  To do so, select Payment (type), Credit Card (payment type), and enter a small amount – $0.10 will work fine.

test transaction

Enter the credit card details.  Choose the Process Payment button at the bottom of the page.  If you get an authorization, then the setup is working correctly.

payment authorization.png

You can now begin taking payments for your bookings.  For more information on WebReserv, visit our website, or contact us here.

Gearing up for the new year. Tips to prepare your system for 2018.

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2016 is coming, is your booking system ready?, 2018 is upon us. As the year comes to a close, now is a great time to make sure your booking system is updated, and ready to manage reservations for the next year. You certainly want to avoid any issues that may arise, so we outlined a small checklist with a few key things you need to review to make sure you have a green light for the upcoming year.


1. Update your rates

The online booking system will only allow customers to make a reservation if it can find valid rates for the season. If your rates aren’t updated, the booking calendar will show grey, and your products will be unavailable for booking. Read the rest of this entry »

Your calendar shows grey? Can’t receive any bookings? This is what you need to do

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Your calendar shows grey? Can't receive any bookings? This is what you need to doDuring the last weeks we have been receiving several reports about the WebReserv calendar showing grey and not being available for bookings. No worries, this is not a critical error and you can fix it very easily in a few clicks.

This is what happens, when you setup your WebReserv calendar, it is required to define valid dates for each schedule, for your rates and even for your discount codes and that needs to be updated from time to time (especially after new year). Here are five things you need to check to make your products ready to be booked again.

1. Update your rates

The online booking system will only allow customers to make a reservation if it can find valid rates for the season. If your rates aren’t updated, the booking calendar will show grey, and your products will be unavailable for booking. Read the rest of this entry »

How to add your WebReserv booking calendar to your Facebook page – Newer and easier method

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Add your WebReserv booking system to your website

A few years ago we published a tutorial to explain how to integrate your WebReserv online booking system to your Facebook page. Back then, it was necessary to use a third party app to do the integration. Today Facebook is able to provide a very good solution that will make that integration much easier. In the following article we will describe how.


Why should you use the WebReserv booking system?

The WebReserv booking system is a fantastic tool for your booking needs. WebReserv is ideal for small businesses and has all the features you’re looking for to allow your customers to make instant reservations on your website or your Facebook page. Want to know how to embed WebReserv in your Facebook page? Keep reading…

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The WebReserv calendar 2.0 now available in Italian

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vinilo decorativo bienvenido idiomasOver the last several weeks our team has been working on translating our calendar 2.0 to other European languages. Until now, the calendar 2.0 was available in English, French, Dutch, Swedish, German, Danish, Portuguese and Spanish. We knew that many of our clients in Europe needed to be able to show their calendar in more languages in order to attend to more customers.

We are please to announce that now the calendar is available in Italian. This is wonderful news for your customers who speak this language and want to book your products or services. They can now view the calendar in their own native language to provide them a better experience and make them feel comfortable with your business. “It’s great to be able to provide the system in other languages so that people in Italia can make bookings without effort.”, says Martin Israelsen, founder of WebReserv.

“We have numerous development plans for the system, but since our launch in Europe, we have been focused on making the system work well with European currencies, languages and payment providers, trying to make WebReserv as complete as possible.”, concludes Martin Israelsen.

And that’s not it. We are planning to add some great features during the next months. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of those updates.

Give your booking calendar a new look with 10 brand new themes

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Summer has begun, and the sunny days always puts a smile on our faces.  It may be a good idea to transfer that good feeling onto your customers by giving your booking calendar a new look. This week, we have created 10 new beautiful themes that will give your calendar a fresh look and feel. We hope you will like it.

Black & Gold theme:

View Black & Gold theme in your browser

Black & Gold Theme Read the rest of this entry »

How to filter products in the booking calendar

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Product filterIf your business rents out different types of products and you want to split it in different calendars, then using the Product Filter is the best way to achieve this.

Adding a product filter to the booking calendar will instruct the system to only show the calendar of the products you specify. It is possible to use the product filter with any product and on any page of your website. The product filter is ideal if you have different type of products and you don’t want to mix them ex: bike tours and boat tours. It can also be used if you created one page for each product in your webpage ex: page 1 for “Blue room”, page 2 for “Green room”, page 3 for “Red room”.


1. Find your ProductID

The productID is the reference number that WebReserv uses to identify each product. In order to add a filter to the calendar, you will need to access the productID for your products in the system. In order to find the productID, go to “setup” – “Products and reservation rules” and select a product. Once the product has been selected, you will find your productID in the address bar right after “ptid=”. Then, write your IDs somewhere with the name of the corresponding product so you don’t forget about it.

ProductID Read the rest of this entry »