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Stripe added as a Payment Processor

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Welcome to 2018!  We’re excited for the new year, and happy to announce that we’ve added a new option to our list of compatible payment processors: StripeStripe image

To get an account with Stripe, visit their website to create an account.

If you have an existing Stripe account, you can add the integration to your WebReserv account easily.

To do so, log into your WebReserv account, and go to the Setup – Business Information.  Select Payments from the left column.

First, you’ll want to enable the credit card option in the Payment Processing section.  Select Creditcard, and Auto Process.

Credit card autoprocess

Next, in the Payment Gateway section, select Stripe from the drop down menu.  Here you will enter your Secret Key from your Stripe account.  (Note: you can access your Secret Key through the Dashboard of your Stripe account.) After you add the secret key, save your changes by clicking Save and continue at the bottom of the page. Stripe setup

That’s it!  You’ve successfully setup the integration with Stripe.

After setup is complete, you’ll want to make a test transaction to ensure it is working properly. The system allows you to enter a test transaction through the Payment Center.  To access, go to Frontdesk – Payment Center.  Select the ePay Virtual Terminal option.

Here you can enter a small transaction using a credit card to ensure that you get an authorization.  To do so, select Payment (type), Credit Card (payment type), and enter a small amount – $0.10 will work fine.

test transaction

Enter the credit card details.  Choose the Process Payment button at the bottom of the page.  If you get an authorization, then the setup is working correctly.

payment authorization.png

You can now begin taking payments for your bookings.  For more information on WebReserv, visit our website, or contact us here.

Lights on B&Bs: 5 Elements To Create A Consistent Stream of Ideal Guests

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Yvonne Halling, If you are a B&B owner and you’re struggling to survive in this difficult market, make sure to read the following ideas introduced by the “B&B Queen”, Yvonne Halling.

What I am about to share is probably not what you are expecting. How do I know? Good question. I will tell you.

Creating a consistent stream of ideal guests is easy once you’ve got the 5 elements in place. But before I reveal what these 5 elements are, I will first tell you what they are not:

  • Discounting your prices
  • Listing with a gazillion free sites
  • Listing with online travel agents, and letting them do the marketing for you. Plus paying their commissions for the privilege.
  • Taking anybody and everybody no matter what they want
  • Competing on price with other B&Bs in your area
  • Mess around on social media talking about you

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How To Sell Gift Cards / Certificates Using The New WebReserv Booking System

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We are pleased to announce that the new WebReserv Booking Calendar now allows you to sell gift cards and certificates online.

Selling gift cards / certificates online is a great way to increase sales, especially during the holiday season. But don’t forget that you can benefit from selling gift cards and certificates throughout the year. Advertise your gift cards to previous customers – they already know you offer a great service, so it is a convenient way for them to offer a personal experience.

Increase your revenue by selling gift cards/certificates
Increase your revenue by selling gift cards/certificates

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New Beautiful Snowflake Themes For Your Lodging / Tour / Rental Booking System

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Just in time for the holidays, we are pleased to announce two beautiful new themes for the WebReserv Booking Calendar. Whether you use the WebReserv Booking System for your Bed & Breakfast, Tour Bookings or Rental Activities, you can use the new themes to get your customers in the holiday spirit. The snowflake themes look stunning on websites and smartphones alike.

Red snowflake theme
Red snowflake theme

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Adding Booking Fees to your Reservations

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We are pleased to release a new and improved way to add booking or processing fees to your reservations.  If you charge a booking or processing fee on reservations for your bed & breakfast rooms, vacation rentals, or tours, then adding this fee in WebReserv just got easier.

Since we know that every business structure is unique, you have several options for calculating the booking or processing fees to reservations.  This gives you flexibility depending on your type of room, rental, or tour.  See options below.

To add the fee, go to Setup – Business Information – Payments in your WebReserv account.  On this page, you will see the new section for Booking Fees:

Booking Fees
Booking Fees

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Keeping in touch with your Customers

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Keep in touch with your customersAs a business, keeping in touch with your customers is a great way to get repeat business year after year. Sending emails about special offers or newsletters by email or regular mail are wonderful ways to let your customers know about what is going on with your business.  This is great if you are a seasonal business, such as a vacation rental, tour business, or watersports rental, to communicate with customers as your season is ending or during the off season.  You can easily extract your customer’s contact information in the WebReserv System by running a Customer Report.

Creating the report to use for an email marketing campaign can be completed in a few easy steps.

1.     Gather the data and select the options

Go to Frontdesk – Reports.  Choose Customer Report from the list.  On this page, you have different options for the report.

Customer Report Options
Customer Report Options

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How to make your booking calendar work on smartphones

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WebReserv on smartphonesMore and more customers make bookings using their smartphone. We can tell from the website traffic hitting the WebReserv system. The number of visitors using a smartphone or tablet is rapidly increasing.

This is true in particular for businesses offering tours and recreational rentals, such as bike rentals, boat rentals, city tours, segway tours and so on. In fact, we expect that smartphone bookings will outnumber desktop/laptop/tablet bookings for recreational rentals and activities within the next 18-24 months. If you offer recreational rentals or tours, it’s paramount that your website and booking system supports smartphones – otherwise you’re likely to lose business.

Fortunately, the new Booking Calendar 2.0 already supports smartphones/mobilephones. This article explains how you easily can modify your booking calendar to look great on smartphones. It does require some HTML/CSS knowledge, so if you’re not the person developing your website, pass this article on to your website designer. Read the rest of this entry »