Groupon/Living Social Integration

Day/time restriction for discount codes and groupon deals

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The WebReserv booking system allows you to restrict discount codes, including groupon and living social deals, to only be valid on certain days and times. To add a restriction to a discount code, go to Setup – Discount Codes and click on the discount code you want to modify.

Scroll to the time restriction section shown below and specify the day(s) the discount code is valid for and optionally the time(s) the discount code is valid for.

Time restriction for discount codes and groupon codes

Configuring your booking calendar for Groupon and other discount codes

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The webreserv booking system now allows for both multi-use and single-use discount codes.

Multi-use discount codes can be used multiple times. I.e. you can create a discount code called SUMMER2011 and advertise this discount code on your website to all your customers.

Single-use discount codes can only be used once. When you create the discount code, you can upload a list of valid codes, such as SUMMER0001, SUMMER0002, SUMMER0003 etc. Whenever a discount code is used in a reservation, it is marked as being used and cannot be used again. The single-use discount code works well with Groupon, Living Social and other coupon sites.