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Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Check out 3 amazing features and try them for FREE with a GOLD account trial.

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Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Go GOLD and setup those three amazing features The Gold account is the most advanced account in WebReserv. It unlocks all options and features of the system and allows you to make the most of the system. Let us present you 3 features of the GOLD account that really can take your business to another level.


1. Email customization: Convert your emails into a marketing weapon

When a customer makes a reservation through the booking system, WebReserv automatically sends him a confirmation email. This is a great feature because it gives your customers instant notification, all the details of their reservation and the assurance that they have successfully made the booking. But, can you do more? Can you improve the customers experience even further? The answer is yes, Read the rest of this entry »

Add barcode to reservation confirmations

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You can now include a barcode in reservation emails and  printouts. The keyword is #barcodeimg

To add a code128 barcode to the a reservation (or printout), you need to create your own template and insert the keyword #barcodeimg in the template where the barcode is to be inserted.

The barcode will be added to the email or print template when formatted.

Customizing Business Notifications

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You can now customize the notification that is sent to the business when a new reservation is made. To use your own notification email, create a new template in the email template section and make sure that you select business notification as the template type.

Next, go to Setup – Product Information – [Product] – Email Notifications and select the new template.

Customizing business notifications
Customizing business notifications

You can also create a reminder email that is sent automatically before the arrival date. The reminder email can be used to notify frontdesk, cleaning personnel or other individuals to perform activities before or after the guest arrival.

Email Opt-in/Opt-out

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You have probably seen this before while shopping the Internet – a checkmark next to or below the customer email address asking if you want to receive future offers. This checkmark indicates to the business that the customer is interested in getting notified for future deals and offers.


Now you can do the same with your booking calendar. To enable the opt-in/opt-out checkmark, go to Setup – Business Information – Advanced Options and set email opt-in/opt-out to Yes.


After enabling the opt-in/opt-out, your customers will have the option to opt-out for future mailings. You can view their selection in all reservations and you can generate customer reports that exclude customers that opted-out for future mailings.

You can also use the opt-in/opt-out when using contact management systems for email newsletters and offers. Most contact management systems allow you to upload a CSV file with customer email addresses. You can download this file from the reports section on WebReserv:

To download email contact list:

1. Log on to your WebReserv account
2. Go to Frontdesk – Reports and select customer report
3. Check the exclude opt-out customers checkbox
4. Right-click on CSV and select download to disk
5. Upload the CSV file to your contact management system


Note: Reservation emails (confirmations, cancellations etc.) will always be mailed to the customer, regardless of the opt-in/opt-out checkmark.

Auto confirm and Decline

Posted on Updated on will auto confirm all reservations made for your business, this is easy to use and customers love it. However, there might be situations where you want the reservation system to mark a reservation as pending and review it before accepting the reservation. A typical example of this is when you need to verify the reservation with a third party.

You can change the default auto confirm behavior on the Reservation Rules page for each product.

Auto confirm setting

If you set the Auto Confim rule to pending, you will be sent a pending notice whenever a reservation has been made. To confirm or decline it, open the reservation and click the Decline or Confirm button.

Confirm or decline buttons

The customer will automatically receive an email specifying whether the reservation was confirmed or declined.

To modify the email templates for confirmed and declined emails, go to Setup – Emails.

Click on the following link for more information about our reservation rules.

Email notifications

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A customer will automatically receive a reservation email under the following circumstances:

  • A reservation is made
  • Reservation status changes from Pending to Confirmed or Confirmed to Cancelled
  • Start date/time or end date/time is changed
  • The product has been changed

In any of these circumstances a reservation email is automatically sent to the customer. In addition to the emails automatically sent to customers, you will receive a notification email whenever a new reservation is made.

For more information about Email notifications, click here