How to add your WebReserv booking calendar to your Facebook page – Newer and easier method

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Add your WebReserv booking system to your website

A few years ago we published a tutorial to explain how to integrate your WebReserv online booking system to your Facebook page. Back then, it was necessary to use a third party app to do the integration. Today Facebook is able to provide a very good solution that will make that integration much easier. In the following article we will describe how.


Why should you use the WebReserv booking system?

The WebReserv booking system is a fantastic tool for your booking needs. WebReserv is ideal for small businesses and has all the features you’re looking for to allow your customers to make instant reservations on your website or your Facebook page. Want to know how to embed WebReserv in your Facebook page? Keep reading…

1. Add a call to action

Login to your Facebook business page as an administrator and click “Add a button”.

1 Add a button

2. Select the button type

Facebook gives you a list of options such as “Contact us”, “Call now”. Look for the “Book now” button.

4. select button type

3. Add the WebReserv calendar URL

In order to add you WebReserv URL you first need to login to your WebReserv account. If you don’t have a WebReserv account, create a free account here.

Once in your account click the Website tab and select the version of the calendar, the calendar options and the appearance. Click here for more information about calendar options and colors.

Calendar options

Click the preview button. You will now see a preview of the booking calendar to the right. If everything looks good, highlight and copy the text in the HTML field.

Calendar HTML code

Now you need to select the URL of the calendar. The URL starts with “https and ends with css=” just like in the example below.

select URL v2

Now, go back to your Facebook page and in the field “Website” add the calendar URL you just selected in WebReserv.

Introduce the URL to the calendar

4. Test the Calendar

As an administrator of the page, you can now test the calendar. To do so, click on the new “Book now” button and select “Test button”

test button

Congratulations!!! If the calendar shows, the configuration was correct, your customers will be able to book your products directly on your Facebook page.

3. Show your calendar

If the calendar doesn’t show, no worries, there probably is a solution to it. In that case, feel free to contact us or let us know by publishing a comment below this article. We also invite you to share this article with others by clicking by clicking one of the “share” buttons below.

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