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Your calendar shows grey? Can’t receive any bookings? This is what you need to do

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Your calendar shows grey? Can't receive any bookings? This is what you need to doDuring the last weeks we have been receiving several reports about the WebReserv calendar showing grey and not being available for bookings. No worries, this is not a critical error and you can fix it very easily in a few clicks.

This is what happens, when you setup your WebReserv calendar, it is required to define valid dates for each schedule, for your rates and even for your discount codes and that needs to be updated from time to time (especially after new year). Here are five things you need to check to make your products ready to be booked again.

1. Update your rates

The online booking system will only allow customers to make a reservation if it can find valid rates for the season. If your rates aren’t updated, the booking calendar will show grey, and your products will be unavailable for booking. Read the rest of this entry »