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Email Opt-in/Opt-out

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You have probably seen this before while shopping the Internet – a checkmark next to or below the customer email address asking if you want to receive future offers. This checkmark indicates to the business that the customer is interested in getting notified for future deals and offers.


Now you can do the same with your booking calendar. To enable the opt-in/opt-out checkmark, go to Setup – Business Information – Advanced Options and set email opt-in/opt-out to Yes.


After enabling the opt-in/opt-out, your customers will have the option to opt-out for future mailings. You can view their selection in all reservations and you can generate customer reports that exclude customers that opted-out for future mailings.

You can also use the opt-in/opt-out when using contact management systems for email newsletters and offers. Most contact management systems allow you to upload a CSV file with customer email addresses. You can download this file from the reports section on WebReserv:

To download email contact list:

1. Log on to your WebReserv account
2. Go to Frontdesk – Reports and select customer report
3. Check the exclude opt-out customers checkbox
4. Right-click on CSV and select download to disk
5. Upload the CSV file to your contact management system


Note: Reservation emails (confirmations, cancellations etc.) will always be mailed to the customer, regardless of the opt-in/opt-out checkmark.