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Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Check out 3 amazing features and try them for FREE with a GOLD account trial.

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Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Go GOLD and setup those three amazing features The Gold account is the most advanced account in WebReserv. It unlocks all options and features of the system and allows you to make the most of the system. Let us present you 3 features of the GOLD account that really can take your business to another level.


1. Email customization: Convert your emails into a marketing weapon

When a customer makes a reservation through the booking system, WebReserv automatically sends him a confirmation email. This is a great feature because it gives your customers instant notification, all the details of their reservation and the assurance that they have successfully made the booking. But, can you do more? Can you improve the customers experience even further? The answer is yes, Read the rest of this entry »

“Office Use Only” custom fields

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It is now possible to create custom fields that are for office use only. This can be used to create fields that are internal to the office.

To create a custom field that is for office use only, create new custom field or open an existing custom field and select Office use only.

Note that custom fields that are marked Office Use Only will still be included in customer emails if Include In Customer Email has been selected.