Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Check out 3 amazing features and try them for FREE with a GOLD account trial.

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Want to make the most of your WebReserv booking system? Go GOLD and setup those three amazing features The Gold account is the most advanced account in WebReserv. It unlocks all options and features of the system and allows you to make the most of the system. Let us present you 3 features of the GOLD account that really can take your business to another level.


1. Email customization: Convert your emails into a marketing weapon

When a customer makes a reservation through the booking system, WebReserv automatically sends him a confirmation email. This is a great feature because it gives your customers instant notification, all the details of their reservation and the assurance that they have successfully made the booking. But, can you do more? Can you improve the customers experience even further? The answer is yes, and you can do it by customizing your emails. Customizing your emails allows you to make sure that you’re using the right information at the right time, contextual precise information if you will. Customized emails assure you that the format and the content of your emails fit the situation. Both aspects really add value to your service. There are 3 different kind of emails that can be customized:

Confirmation Email: This is the first email your customer is going to receive from your business, so it requires special care. Make sure you include all the information in it (meeting point, time, date, participants, contact details, etc.) so the customer is assured that his reservation has been processed and you are ready to receive him. You can also use it to promote other services of yours, e.g: “We also have a fantastic boat tour available the same day, see more details here: http://www.yoursite.com“, cross sell or upsell.

Pre visit Email: The pre visit Email can be sent whenever you like before the day your customer arrives (ex: 7 days before). This is a great way to avoid confusions about date, time, place or price. It is also a great platform to include important information about their room/rental/tour, items to bring, pick up location, or check in time. Your customers will certainly appreciate the reminder as they are getting prepared to use your products/services.

Post visit Email: The post visit Email can be sent a certain amount of time after the day your customer uses your products/services (e.g.: 2 days after). You will normally use it to thank your customers as well as ask them to share their feedback. If you work with TripAdvisor reviews, this email is about to become your best friend. It is also the best place to include links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and to convert a standard customer into a proactive customer. If you sell other products or services, don’t lose the opportunity to use the post visit Email to remind about other services or products so you can boost your sales.

The email customization feature will give your customers a better and closer experience from the first contact to the last. These emails allow you greater communication with your customers, and create that wanted added value to your sales and marketing strategy.

To get to know how to setup your Emails, click here. If you need some help customizing your emails, we will be happy to help, just let us know.


2. Custom fields: Increase your revenue per reservation

The Custom fields is a feature that allows you to acquire additional information about your client and his preferences, such as “Smoker/Non Smoker”, “Arrival time”, “Vegetarian”, “Flight number”, etc. This customizing of the experience booked with you leads to even greater client satisfaction. There is no better pampering than taking care of those small details.

But what most businesses don’t know is that you actually can associate a price to each option thereby opening up to creating additional revenue to each booking by selling complementary services and products if you wish to do so. You can ask questions like, “Do you want breakfast with your room?”, “Do you need a GPS with your car?”, or “Would you like to enjoy the VIP service?”

Webreserv Custom Fields

Use this great feature to increase either your revenue or service or both for each and single reservation.

For more information about the Custom fields, click here. If you need some help with this feature we will be happy to help, just let us know.


3. Gift cards: Let your customers promote your services

If your business offers rentals, tours, or recreational activities, then you don’t want to miss this feature.

Offering Gift Cards is a great way to market and promote your business and thereby increase sales. And you don’t only offer a very good service but actually help your customers… giving thoughtful gifts can be challenging and sometimes a hassle. You make it easy and convenient for them.

Your loyal customers will happily purchase a gift card to give to their friends and family to share the experience of the great offerings of your business. And for the simplicity and convenience for the giver and the receiver of the gift, the recipient of the gift card can simply redeem it online directly through the booking system without intervention from anyone.

WebReserv Gift Card

“Some of our clients have been able to increase their revenue over 40% in October, November and December last year thanks to the gift card.”, says Martin Israelsen, founder of WebReserv.

Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine, Mom’s day, Christmas, good colleague performance, gifts to clients, surprises, dates, or just the little detail to the special one, there are plenty of occasions to offer a gift card. Don’t miss this opportunity to open up a new revenue stream. And now that you know how to work those those customized emails you can use them to promote your new gift card service. The post visit Email is a good place for that.

You can find more information about gift cards feature here. And as always contact us if you need some help with this feature.


These are 3 features within the WebReserv system that really can take your client satisfaction and client revenue to a different level. We invite you to give it a try. Just let us know, and get a 15 days free trial of the GOLD account.

Happy selling!

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