Lights on B&Bs: 5 Elements To Create A Consistent Stream of Ideal Guests

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Yvonne Halling, If you are a B&B owner and you’re struggling to survive in this difficult market, make sure to read the following ideas introduced by the “B&B Queen”, Yvonne Halling.

What I am about to share is probably not what you are expecting. How do I know? Good question. I will tell you.

Creating a consistent stream of ideal guests is easy once you’ve got the 5 elements in place. But before I reveal what these 5 elements are, I will first tell you what they are not:

  • Discounting your prices
  • Listing with a gazillion free sites
  • Listing with online travel agents, and letting them do the marketing for you. Plus paying their commissions for the privilege.
  • Taking anybody and everybody no matter what they want
  • Competing on price with other B&Bs in your area
  • Mess around on social media talking about you

These will tasks will not get you increased business, and further, these mistakes and missteps will certainly not help you:

  • Having a confusing website that doesn’t give enough information about your business or what guests are looking for
  • No database of your past guests
  • Never following up with past guests and inviting them to return

And yet, this is what most B&B owners tell me they’re doing or not doing, day in, day out. Why? They’ve never been taught or haven’t taken the time to learn. Like I said, it’s easy once you know how.

Download my free cheat sheet here and start learning how now. (Link to Free download: ) You’ll learn what the 5 Essential Elements are, plus I’m inviting you to join me on a webinar next week, where I’m going to take you even deeper into what it really takes to create a great B&B business that you love. Here’s what one of my clients said:

The months of June, July, August and September are our busiest due to the beautiful weather in the Pacific Northwest. A big huge thanks to Yvonne Halling and her excellent program we almost doubled our occupancy rate this year over last year. Last year in these 4 months we only did 39% occupancy and this year we are at 68% occupancy thus far. So grateful!!! Shelley Wright

I’m taking a stand for your success in your B&B business.


About Yvonne Halling:

Yvonne Halling is known as the Bed and Breakfast Queen having taken her own B&B from making almost nothing to making over 6 figures in under 2 years, won a coveted online marketing award and 3 hospitality awards. Reach her at

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