The Best Booking Calendar… ever

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The experience for the customer starts long before they arrive at your business. It starts when the customer visits your website and makes an online reservation. That is why a business with a high-quality, clear and concise website with online reservation capability gets more customers and higher revenue.

To help you get the best looking website and get more customers, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Booking Calendar. The new Booking Calendar has been designed to make your website or Facebook page stand out and look absolutely amazing while at the same time give your customers seamless and effortless booking experience. Whether you have a B&B, Vacation Rental, Tour Company or offer hourly or daily rentals, the new Booking Calendar and the WebReserv Booking System will make your website look amazing.

The new booking calendar from WebReserv

The new Booking Calendar will officially be released on February 15, 2013, but we invite you preview and try it out today!

The new Booking Calendar is built to work on all computers, tablets and smartphones including iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It doesn’t matter if your customer is booking on a laptop or smartphone – the new Booking Calendar will automatically adjust and show your rooms, tours and rentals in the most effective and visually pleasing way possible.

Read more about the new Booking Calendar.

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