Promoting Deals and Specials on WebReserv

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Everyone loves a deal and offering specials or deals is a great way for your business to attract new customers and get repeat customers year after year.  WebReserv is excited to offer a new feature where you can advertise your deals and specials on your listing page on WebReserv.

Add the deal or special by creating an announcement in your account.  Follow the simple instructions below.

Log into your WebReserv Account.  Go to Frontdesk – Deals/Specials.

Deals and Specials
Deals/Specials in WebReserv

Click Add Deal/Special to add the information about your special.  In the example below, we will create a special for a bed & breakfast stay that includes a Segway tour.

Show From/Until: Enter the dates you will show the deal on your WebReserv listing.

Title: Enter a name of the deal/special

Description: Enter the description of the deal/special including reservation details and any special instructions in order to get the deal.

Save your changes.

Setting up the Deals/Specials is simple.
Setting up Deals/Specials is simple.

Go to your WebReserv listing to view the Deals/Specials you created.  This is what your customers will see when they go to your listing.

Deals/Specials on WebReserv listing
Deals/Specials on WebReserv listing

Great job!  You have successfully created the announcement to your customers about your deals/specials.

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