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Need more bookings? 13 tips to boost your conversions

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24160399_sYou have a well designed website, but you are not getting the bookings that you expect.  You realize that there is something that needs to be done to change that, but aren’t sure what to do.  There are many things you can do to increase your conversion rate.  We will discuss 13 tips below.


1. Measure your results

How can you make the right decision if you don’t know where you’re failing?

The very first step is to track your conversions. To do so, you can use Google Analytics.  It is a free service, and will give you important data about people who view your website.  Where are they coming from? When are they leaving the page? How many convert? How many bounce? To get started with it, see the Google Analytics training here.

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Day/time restriction for discount codes and groupon deals

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The WebReserv booking system allows you to restrict discount codes, including groupon and living social deals, to only be valid on certain days and times. To add a restriction to a discount code, go to Setup – Discount Codes and click on the discount code you want to modify.

Scroll to the time restriction section shown below and specify the day(s) the discount code is valid for and optionally the time(s) the discount code is valid for.

Time restriction for discount codes and groupon codes