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New discount code option for free persons

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The WebReserv booking system has been enhanced with a new feature that makes it easier to create discount codes for one or more free persons. The “free persons” option makes it easier to set up discount codes for Groupon, Living Social and similar type of deals as well as regular discount codes given to customers. The “free persons” discount option is great for tour companies and other companies that generally offers discounts or deals for additional persons.

To create a discount code for one or more free persons, go to Setup – Discount Codes and click Add discount code. In the type field, select either single use (for Groupon codes, Living Social codes and similar) or multi-use (for most other discount codes).

Under Discount Type select Free Persons and enter either a total number of persons or enter a number of each type (adults, children etc.).

When customers make a reservation with a discount code for free persons, the system will automatically deduct the number of persons as specified in the discount code.