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Setting up special Holiday Rates

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During the holidays, you may charge a special rate for your rooms or rentals.  If you use WebReserv as your Bed & Breakfast or Vacation Rental booking system, then you can easily set up holiday rates in the system.  Here’s how:

Setting up Holiday Rates

Log into your WebReserv Account.

Go to Setup – Rates.  To create a holiday rate for your products, click on Rate Categories in the left hand column.  Click Add category.*

*Note: You may already have a Holiday Rate Category created with the initial set up.  If so, there is no need to create another one.  Skip to the next step on entering the rates into the Rate List.*

On this page, you will create a Holiday rate category.  Here are the steps to create a rate category:

  1. Name – give a specific name for the category, in this case, Holiday.
  2. Description – this is an optional field, enter a short description, if desired
  3. Type – choose Holiday (as defined in system setup)
  4. Click Save.
Holiday Rate Category

If you have not yet set up Holiday Hours in the system, click the Edit Holidays button below the Type.  You can define specific holiday dates and set minimum stay requirements, if applicable.

Setting Holiday Hours

Next, you will enter the special rates for your holidays in your Rate List.  Go to Setup – Rates.  On the Rates page, you will click on the Rate List to edit.

In the Rate List you will see the new Holiday Rate Category you just created.  Enter the special rates for the holiday for each room/rental.  Click Save and continue to save your changes.

Holiday Rates in Rate List

Finally, use the Rate Tester to ensure the rates are calculating properly for the holidays.  Go to Setup – Rates.  Click on Rate Tester in the left hand column.  Enter room and holiday dates.  The Rate Tester will show you how the rate for each day is calculated.  It also indicates which Rate List and Rate Category the system is pulling the rates from, which in this case, is the Holiday rate category.

Testing Holiday Rates

Success!  You have now set up Holiday Rates in WebReserv.