Why WebReserv is a great booking system for small hotels and hostals?

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For the lodging industry, the ability to handle their bookings online has been a great way to save time and increase revenue.  For the customer, booking online is safe and easy to do.  Small and medium businesses in the lodging industry know the importance of having an online booking system available to their customers. The issue, however, is that many of existing booking systems out there on the market are expensive and require the business to have technical knowledge to set it up. It is just not feasible for a small hotel or hostel to put in the investment for one of these systems and hire an IT professional to set it up. Most times, smaller hotels and hostels are run by a few people and do not have the resources to put into a complicated booking system.

For these reasons, WebReserv has been the much needed solution for these types of businesses to manage their online bookings.  Small and medium businesses choose WebReserv for its affordability and ease of use.  The system is designed to manage your bookings right from your own website.  Not only that, the process is seamless for the customer, which keeps them coming back year after year.

We talked to Adam Gudofsky, owner of the hostel Banti Tarifa in Spain, and asked him to explain why WebReserv is a great booking system for his business.

What was your main concern about buying WebReserv? 

I didn´t really have any concerns over the system itself. It was more a general concern of using an online reservation system for a small hostal.

What did you find as a result of buying WebReserv?

Within the first week of using the system I was already impressed! I was receiving reservations at times I would not normally be able to.  As Banti is a small place with only 6 rooms, the hours of our reception were limited to 09-13h and 17-20h.  Using WebReserv has given me the chance to take reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I have also been able to save around 20% of phone bills.  We used to call clients back who left messages, many of which would be international calls. Our voicemail states our opening hours and also refers clients to our website to make their reservation.  The amount of voicemails we receive has gone done dramatically.

What specific feature did you like most about WebReserv? 

For me the best feature of WebReserv is its customer care.  Since day one I have always been well taken care of.  For those of us who are not computer savvy, on online reservation system can seem, at first, to be very complicated to set up.  This was not the case with WebReserv. I was provided with all the support I needed at no extra charge.  Until this day I continue to receive outstanding support.

What would be three other benefits about WebReserv? 

1.) Less time spent on the phone

2.) A very useful way to establish a database of clients who have made previous reservations.

3.)  Simply everything has become more efficient both from a business and client perspective.

Do you think WebReserv is an adequate tool for businesses of your industry? Why? 

For my industry WebReserv is not an adequate tool, its essential!


Get your free WebReserv account: WebReserv official website

More information about Banti Tarifa: Banti Tarifa

Improved Reservation Search

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The search filter has been enhanced to include location and product/room type selection. This makes it easier to find reservations for a certain location or product or both. The search filter will also remember the selected location and product and keep the same settings when creating new reservations or changing availability. To search for reservations, go to Frontdesk – Reservations.

Improved search filter
Improved search filter