Mobile: Booking tours and rentals is about to get a whole lot easier

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We have great news for all mobile users: It’s about to get a whole lot easier to find and book tours and rentals directly from your smartphone.

The WebReserv mobile app has passed the final beta testing stage and will soon be released to the iTunes App store.

The new app gives enables your customers to conveniently find and book using their smartphone. We designed it to make it easy to search nearby attractions by activity/type, distance or location.

Many customers already use Yelp or Google Places to locate nearby attractions and activities. Yelp and Google can show your website address and phone number, but they can’t show availability, pricing, or let the customer book online.

The WebReserv App solves that.  By using the WebReserv App, your customers can find you and complete a booking in minutes.

Search by category
Search by category

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Hourly Reservations Made Easy

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The WebReserv booking system can be set up for many types of applications, including bed & breakfast booking system and tour booking system. This article explains how to set up different time rules for hourly reservations. Hourly reservation rules are often used for boat rentals, bike rentals, paddleboard rentals, jetski/waverunner rentals and similar.

The hourly rental is designed to be used for rentals where the customer can select a start time and a variable amount of time for the rental, such as 1, 2 or 4 hours or a full day.

When the customer books an hourly rental, they will see an hourly calendar that shows availability for each hour during opening hours.

Here’s some examples of what the booking calendar can look like, depending on your configuration.

Multi-day/overnight rentals

Hour reservation multiday
Hourly Reservation (multi-day)

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How to set up a booking system for vacation rentals.

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This guide describes how to set up the WebReserv Booking System for Vacation Rentals. The guide can also be used for property managers to set up a booking system for multiple vacation rentals.

Selling gift cards for your tours and rentals

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The WebReserv booking system now includes the ability to sell gift cards. Gift cards can be of any value, such as $25, $50, $75, $200 or whatever amount you would like to sell.

You can create unique gift certificate templates or use the built-in gift certificate templates such as the holiday-themed template shown below.

For more information on how to set up gift cards in your booking system, go to