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How to filter products in the booking calendar

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Product filterIf your business rents out different types of products and you want to split it in different calendars, then using the Product Filter is the best way to achieve this.

Adding a product filter to the booking calendar will instruct the system to only show the calendar of the products you specify. It is possible to use the product filter with any product and on any page of your website. The product filter is ideal if you have different type of products and you don’t want to mix them ex: bike tours and boat tours. It can also be used if you created one page for each product in your webpage ex: page 1 for “Blue room”, page 2 for “Green room”, page 3 for “Red room”.


1. Find your ProductID

The productID is the reference number that WebReserv uses to identify each product. In order to add a filter to the calendar, you will need to access the productID for your products in the system. In order to find the productID, go to “setup” – “Products and reservation rules” and select a product. Once the product has been selected, you will find your productID in the address bar right after “ptid=”. Then, write your IDs somewhere with the name of the corresponding product so you don’t forget about it.

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