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Custom Fields – Adding value to your booking system

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WebReserv is a highly customizable system that is able to meet the unique needs of many types of businesses.  One powerful feature for this is Custom Fields.  All types of business benefit from the use of custom fields such as a bed & breakfast establishment, tour operators, bike rentals shops, and many others.  The reason is because this tool can be used to define their own fields and give the ability to further customize their booking system to meet the distinct needs of the business.

One of the ways to use Custom Fields is if you need to acquire additional information from your customers, such as hotel location, height/weight requirements, or pick up/drop off location.

In addition to information gathering, you can also use custom fields to sell complementary services and products which will increase your revenue per reservation.  These types of add-ons could include a spa package or a bouquet of flowers for a bed & breakfast stay, lunch baskets or helmets for a bike rental, or an audio headset for a city tour.  Custom Fields allows you to add a price for each extra item, give your customers the option to choose it at checkout, and automatically add to the total price of the reservation. Read the rest of this entry »