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Adding custom field display conditions

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The custom field in the WebReserv booking system is an extremely powerful and versatile feature. We’ve described in the past how you can utilize the custom fields to handle pet fees, lunch baskets and much more (you can see these and other examples here: http://www.webreserv.com/help/).

Custom Fields in WebReserv also have a great feature called a display condition. This allows you to specify when the system should display the custom field, based on certain rules.

Example: Additional customer/guest name fields

A typical example where this may be used is if you need additional customer or guest name fields, depending on the number of persons in the reservation. Let’s say that you allow up to 4 guests on the reservation and want to get the customer/guest name for each guest.

To do this, create a custom field for each additional guest name:

For the same custom field, scroll down to display rule condition and specify that it should only be shown if number of persons >= 2.

Repeat for the remaining guest name fields. After defining the custom fields, you must assign them to one or more products/rooms/rentals. You can assign each custom field separately under Setup – Products & Reservation Rules – [Select Product] – Customer Information.

That’s it. The WebReserv booking system will now display the Guest Name 2 only if the number of persons on the reservation is 2 or greater.