New feature: Handling short bookings

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With, it’s always been possible to specify a minimum length on a booking.  Bookings shorter than the specified time would not be allowed. The new short reservation rule makes it possible to allow bookings shorter than the minimum time, but the rate will be calculated as if the booking was for the minimum time. To change this rule, go to Setup – Business information – Advanced options.

Minimum length rule

Note that availability screens always show the actual availability, regardless of how the rate is calculated. For example, if a booking is made for 1 day and the minimum is 3 days, the rate will be calculated for 3 days, but the availability screen will still show the booking for one day.

To verify your short reservation settings, go to Setup – Rates – Rate Calculator. The Rate Calculator provides a complete breakdown of the rate calculation.

Short reservation calculation provides secure credit card payments

Posted on Updated on has partnered with National Merchant Alliance to provide simple and secure web based credit card payments to users.’s partnership with NMA will provide the opportunity for you to utilize this service at rates equal to or lower than your existing processor relationship.

National Merchant Alliance, (NMA) provides secure, IP Based electronic payment solutions through a partner network of technology and financial services providers. Through a software integration agreement with, NMA provides users access to a Payment Card Industry Certified (PCI) online payment software service (gateway).

While these products work largely behind the scenes of the application, it is important for users to note the level of security and reliability of the products performing this very important function. In addition to eliminating double entry of data and simplifying the reconciliation process when using, this integration program ensures users that their sensitive customer data and the associated revenue are handled in a manner exceeding industry requirements.

Getting Started

It is very easy to start utilizing’s integrated solution. The first step involves determining the savings offered by National Merchant Alliance’s processing pricing or determining the pricing match. Depending on your market and your volume, the merchant account pricing may vary, but it will never be higher than what you are currently paying (if applicable). Please note that e-commerce transactions for all markets are inherently higher than retail rates, regardless of processor. For many of the markets served by, pricing may start below 2% in certain circumstances for transactions. In all cases, the pricing offered will be clear and without hidden charges or fees.

It is simple:

  • Send (fax) in your previous processing statements (1 to 3 months) to 800-707-4095 or to 913-906-9595 for a custom electronic payment analysis. NMA will perform a confidential written analysis for your records and pledges to meet or beat your current pricing.
  • Schedule a quick phone application with your NMA rep (usually takes 5-8 minutes) and NMA will fax a pre-filled merchant application with a pricing and fee schedule for authorized signature. NMA will also include a user agreement for the integrated software.
  • Fax the paperwork to (800)-707-4095. You will be approved and ready to process through your software in maximum of 3-5 business days.

For more information about National Merchant Alliance, go to

To see other compatible merchant accounts, click here

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“Getting Started” guide available

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“Getting Started with” is now available for download from  The guide shows how easy it is to get started with and provides a high-level description of the functionality.

The guide can be downloaded from the resource center:

Adding the availability calendar to your website

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The reservation widget / availability calendar is a cool utility from It can be added to one or more existing websites and provides all the reservation functionality needed to make a website interesting for the consumer. The reservation widget provides the following features:  availability calendar, customer information, credit card information.

The reservation widget can be embedded within your site or it can be opened as a pop-up window. In most cases, you’ll want to embed it in your site as it looks awesome with the availability calendar right there on your website.  It is easy to customize the reservation widget to have the same look as your own website (colors, fonts etc). Whether you embed the widget or open it as a popup-window will give you the same functionality.

How to embed the availability calendar

When you embed the reservation widget / availability calendar on your website, you can make it blend completely with your website layout and many customers prefer this option for that reason. In the screenshot (and example link) we made Casa Deco’s booking component use the same colors as the website, and the result is impressive.  Click here to see it:

Embedded availability calendar

How to pop-up the availability calendar

The pop-up version widget can be added to any website with just one line of HTML code. With the pop-up approach, you’ll get a booking button on your website, and a booking window will open when a customer clicks the booking button.
This is what the pop-up widget looks like:

The pop-up availability calendar

Note: You can copy the HTML code from and paste it onto your website. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu. Click here to see it:

Adding the booking component as an embedded component requires a few more lines of HTML code and possibly a little bit of tuning to get the colors right. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu.

To know how to embed the new calendar 2.0, click here.

Google maps…

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Helping your customers to find your business location fast and effectively is one way to increase customer satisfaction. We have added support for Google Maps on so your customers can quickly find your location.

Showing Google maps along with your business description and pictures can be quickly added. In most cases, your longitude and latitude have already been calculated from your address. To check if your address is shown correctly, log on to, and go to Setup -> Business Information -> Map/Directions. The marker should point directly to your business address. Here’s how to fix it if it doesn’t:

How to fix an incorrect map position.

There are several ways to change the marker position. First, click “Get coordinates from address”. This will reset the marker to a geographical location calculated based on your address. Inspect the map (zoom in if necessary). If the marker is a little bit off, just move the marker to the correct location.

In rare instances it is not possible to position the marker correctly based on the address. This can happen if the address isn’t know in the map database or if the address format is different from what is expected by the system. In those cases, the marker might be placed on a big white or blue background.

If you get the big white or blue background, simply enter the longitude and latitude of your business and the marker will be positioned correctly. Don’t have access to a GPS that can give you longitude and latitude? Don’t worry – just zoom all the way out on the map, move the marker to a place near your location, zoom in a bit, readjust the marker, zoom in a bit more and repeat until the marker is at your exact business location.

Show me the way…

While you’re on the Map/Directions page, don’t forget to add the directions to your business location. Typically, you want to include turn-by-turn directions from nearby airports or highways to other cities.

Go to to read more about the Google maps.

Welcome to the official blog

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Welcome to the official blog. We will be using this blog to share news about, describe new features, talk about upcoming events and much more.

The blog is also intended for you to share feedback about, suggest new features and functionality and so forth.

Once again welcome!

Martin Israelsen