Email notifications

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A customer will automatically receive a reservation email under the following circumstances:

  • A reservation is made
  • Reservation status changes from Pending to Confirmed or Confirmed to Cancelled
  • Start date/time or end date/time is changed
  • The product has been changed

In any of these circumstances a reservation email is automatically sent to the customer. In addition to the emails automatically sent to customers, you will receive a notification email whenever a new reservation is made.

For more information about Email notifications, click here

Availability calendar update makes scheduling easier

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Now you can use the availability calendar to view hourly reservations and fixed-schedule reservations. The calendar has also been updated to include more date ranges (month, 14-daysweek and day) and you can easily navigate the calendar using the scroll-bar at the bottom .

With the calendar update it’s easy to view availability and make corrections if necessary. Say for example that a unit becomes unavailable due to maintenance. To mark it as unavailable in the system, simply go to the availability calendar and click the link Mark unit as unavailable. This will take you to a form where you can select the unit and select the time period for which the unit is unavailable. You can even enter a description for the unavailable entry so it’s easy to see why it’s unavailable.

Availability Calendar

Click on the thumbnail to view full screenshot.

When units are unavailable, they are marked with a gray box in the availability so they can easily be distinguished from other reservations. If you need to change an unavailability entry, simply click on it in the calendar and change the timeframe as needed. To remove an unavailable entry, open the entry by clicking on it in the availability calendar and click the button named delete this entry.

For more information about managing reservations and availabilities, click here.

Keep better control of your availability

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The first update for 2008 has arrived and with it a powerful new availability calendar. The new availability calendar provides extends the old availability calendar with a fresh new colorful calendar that shows you availability, reservations and inventory status in a flash.

To experience the new availability calendar, simply go to Frontdesk -> Availability calendar or click here:

New availability calendar

From the availability calendar, you can click on each reservation or OOI (Out-Of-Inventory) item to get more information. To mark a unit as unavailable simply click on the link below the calendar.

For more information about managing reservations and availabilities, click here.

A convenient way to track your reservations

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With the latest WebReserv release, it is now possible to name your products/rooms/units individually. This allows you to manage and track reservations and utilization at a completely new level. For example, you can track now only what your customer reserves, but you can track exactly what unit is rented out and returned.

To name your products, go to setup -> products and reservation rules -> product details. In the list you can name each product. Typical names are room numbers (for hotels), tag numbers (car and RV rentals), serial numbers (equipment) and so forth.

Product Details window

When a reservation is made, you can quickly see which unit(s) that has been assigned, and if needed you can reassign the units as needed.

Fixing booking calendar icons

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Depending on your customer settings and reservation rules, you may experience that the date icon doesn’t align with the rest of the fields on the reservation widget as shown in the screen shot below.

Dropped Date icons

The icons are pushed down below the date fields because the width of the reservation widget is too small. Fortunately, it’s very easy to correct and get the date icons aligned.

To correct it, open the HTML file for your website and look for the width of the reservation widget (IFRAME).

Reservation Widget HTML

Change the width to be about 100-150 greater than the existing width. In most cases a new width of about 600 will be sufficient to get the icons aligned. After changing the HTML files, save it and test it to make sure that the date icons are shown correctly as shown below.

Correct date icons

For more tips on the reservation widget, check out the Resource Center at

Automate payment processing

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Imagine having a system that automatically process credit card payments when a reservation is made. There is no need to spend precious time calling the customer to ask for credit card information and there is no need to manually process credit card payments.

WebReserv can do all that – and much more. First and foremost there is the automated credit card processing feature. Whenever a new reservation is made, WebReserv can automatically process the credit card as part of the reservation. If the credit card is not valid, or the transaction cannot be completed for any other reason, the reservation is refused.

Payment Processing

Virtually all common credit cards can be accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and many more. You can decide which cards you will accept and which ones you don’t want to accept.

In addition to the automated processing during the reservation process, you can use the ePay Virtual Terminal to process additional credit card transactions, such as payment for additional items or services. The virtual terminal can also be used to process refunds.



Virtual Terminal

WebReserv automatically groups all payments and refunds related to the same reservation code, so it’s easy to keep track of payment activities related to the same customer and reservation. You can see the transactions in the integrated transaction history.

Transaction Log

For more information about payment processing, click here.

New feature – Deposit Information

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A new information field, deposit information, has been added to the product setup screens. The deposit information field can be used to specify the deposit rules, for example, whether all or some of the deposit is refundable. The deposit information is automatically shown during the booking processes.

To setup the deposit information go to setup – products – depost/tax calculation.

The screenshot below shows the setup screen for deposit information.

Deposit Information Setup

The screenshot below shows the deposit information on the booking screen

Deposit information on booking screen