Rate Calculation

New feature – Deposit Information

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A new information field, deposit information, has been added to the product setup screens. The deposit information field can be used to specify the deposit rules, for example, whether all or some of the deposit is refundable. The deposit information is automatically shown during the booking processes.

To setup the deposit information go to setup – products – depost/tax calculation.

The screenshot below shows the setup screen for deposit information.

Deposit Information Setup

The screenshot below shows the deposit information on the booking screen

Deposit information on booking screen

New feature – Minimum or required days

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A new feature on WebReserv.com makes it easy to specify minimum or required days, for example, that a product is required to be reserved for Saturday (or Saturday-Sunday) if it’s reserved on a Friday. This rule is used commonly in the hospitality industry (hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts) as well as RV rentals. To set required days, go to setup – product – reservation rules.

Note that this setting is different from the required days on the rate setup. This setting controls the minimum reservation requirement for a product.  The required days on the rate setup specifies whether a rate is valid for a certain day (or days). For example, if you allow single-day reservations, but provide a discount for Friday-Sunday reservations, the best way to do this is to create a rate list specifically for Friday-Sunday reservations.

The screenshot below shows the setup screen for the required days.

Minimum/required days setup

The screenshot below shows a rate calculation using minimum days:

Minimum days rate calculation

New feature: Handling short bookings

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With WebReserv.com, it’s always been possible to specify a minimum length on a booking.  Bookings shorter than the specified time would not be allowed. The new short reservation rule makes it possible to allow bookings shorter than the minimum time, but the rate will be calculated as if the booking was for the minimum time. To change this rule, go to Setup – Business information – Advanced options.

Minimum length rule

Note that availability screens always show the actual availability, regardless of how the rate is calculated. For example, if a booking is made for 1 day and the minimum is 3 days, the rate will be calculated for 3 days, but the availability screen will still show the booking for one day.

To verify your short reservation settings, go to Setup – Rates – Rate Calculator. The Rate Calculator provides a complete breakdown of the rate calculation.

Short reservation calculation