Configuring Number of persons (adults, children, small children etc.)

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With WebReserv you can define up to 4 categories of persons and charge a different rate for each type of person.

By default, the person categories in WebReserv are named “Adult”, “Children”, “Extra 1”, “Extra 2”. You can modify the name of the person categories in the administration setup screens. Go to Setup – Business Information – Advanced Options.

Edit person categories (adults, children etc.) in WebReserv Booking System

On this screen you can modify the default names for each category and also specify whether persons in that category counts towards availability and/or pricing.

After completing the person category setup, you will need to enable the person categories for each product. Go to product setup (Setup – Products – [product] – Reservation Rules), and locate the setting called Number of persons (per reservation).

Number of persons in reservation

Select if you want to use Number of persons (Yes/No) and specify which categories apply to this product. You can also specify a minimum and/or maximum number of persons allowed on a single reservation.

Click save and continue to save the changes.

After completing the number of persons setup, go to the Setup – Rates to specify the rates for each type of person.

Easier setup for hourly reservations

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A new setup option makes it easier to set up reservations that can be hourly or daily.

The setup option will always round rate calculation up to a whole number of days, if the reserved time is 1 day or longer.

Example: If the reserservation starts at 10:00 in the morning on June 7th and ends at 11:00 in the morning on June 8th, the rate will be rounded up to 2 full days.

If hourly round is set to No, the same rate will be calculated as 1 day plus one hour.

Round-up for hourly reservations

Maximum time in advance

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You can now limit how far in advance a booking can be made. This feature can be useful for certain type of reservations. To set a maximum time in advance that a product can be reserved, go to Setup – Products & Reservation Rules – Select Product – Reservation Rules.

Maximum time in advance for bookings

Configuring Tour Bookings

Posted on is a highly configurable booking system. It can be used for virtually any type of bookings that you need for your business.

This post describes how to configure tours with

Creating a tour

In, a tour consists of the following information:

  • The tour itself – name, description, pictures, reservation rules.
  • Schedules – describes when a tour can be booked
  • Rates or prices – describes what a tour cost

To create a tour, log on to your account and select Setup – Products & Reservation Rules and select Add product. On the description page, enter a name and a description of the tour and click save and continue.

Create new tour

On the reservation type page, select fixed schedule and click save and continue. This will tell the booking system that you will provide the schedule for the tours.

Select fixed schedule
Select fixed schedule

The next page is the scheduling page. This is the page where you will add one or more schedules that your customers can book. The schedule page consists of two sections: a list of already defined schedules and a section to add new schedules. When you create a new tour, both sections will be empty:

Schedule list (empty)
Schedule list (empty)

Adding one or more schedules is easy. The booking system has the ability to repeat schedules daily, weekly or monthly. The Outback tour in this example is every Sunday in November 2009 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. To add the schedule, enter the start date and time and end date and time for the first schedule:

Create a new schedule

In the title field, you can specify a title. If you don’t specify a title, the system will show the date, start time and end time for this schedule. You can use the codes @startdate, @starttime, @enddate and @endtime instead of writing a specific time and date. This allows the system to show the correct date and time for a schedule even when you do repetitive schedules.

In the example above, we have specified that the tour starts on Sunday, November 1 at 2:00 PM and ends on Sunday, November 1 at 5:00 PM and as the title it should show 11/1/09 2:00 PM.
Next, we specify how often and for how long to repeat the schedule. Since this tour is every Sunday for all of November, select Weekly recurrence until 11/31/09:

Schedule recurrency rule

The last step is to click the Add schedule button. This causes the booking system to create a schedule for each tour and show the schedules in the top part of the screen:

Tour/Schedule list with autogenerated schedules

At this point in time, you can add more schedule entries, delete existing schedule entries or simply save and continue. If for some reason you have created or deleted schedules unintentionally, you can also click previous in which case the booking system will cancel the changes.

On the next page you can upload one or more pictures of the tour:

Upload pictures of your tour

When you have added the pictures for this tour, click save and continue.

The next screen includes all the reservation rules. The most important rule is the availability/inventory calculation. In most cases, a tour is dependent on the number of people, so select number of people and enter the maximum number of people that can be on this tour at any point in time and click save and continue.

Tour reservation rules

On the next page, you can specify what information the booking system needs to get from a customer when a booking is made. Make sure that you select number of people as a required field. If you differentiate between adults and children, set number of adults/children as required as well.

Customer information rules

Adding rates

You are now almost done with the setup. In the top menu, click the Rates menu option, and select standard rates. In the rates list, find the Outback tour and enter the price per adult and optionally child.

Adding tour rates

Don’t worry about the daily label for the rates, as long as you enter the rates in the very first column, WebReserv is smart enough to pick it up and use it as the rate for the tour. Click save and continue to save your rates.

Testing the rates

You are now ready to test the schedules. Click Frontdesk in the main menu and then select New reservation. You can enter number of adults/children (if selected) and click recalculate to see the total amount.

Tour reservation screen

Your tour/schedule setup is complete and you can now start taking tour reservations with your booking system.

For more tips and tricks on how to set up tour bookings with your WebReserv  booking system, go to

Eight out of ten online shoppers indicated that online reviews were influential in their purchase decisions. That’s right – customer reviews is one of the most important influencers for new customers.

The new customer review feature on WebReserv makes it easy to collect customer reviews from your customers and share them with other customers. Your WebReserv account already includes this feature, so all you have to do is tell your existing customers where to post the reviews.

The customer review feature consists of two different reviews screens, one for your customers and one for your business. The customer review screen shown in the picture above can be found on your business listing on There is also a review writing section where your existing customers can post new reviews.

To help you monitor the reviews, we have also added a review section to the Frontdesk. To view your reviews, log on to your WebReserv account and go to Frontdesk – Reviews. Here you can view your customer reviews. You cannot edit customer reviews, but you can delete reviews that are inappropriate for your business.

To get customer reviews added to your business listing, tell existing customers to go to the online review section to provide a review of your business. You can find the Internet address for your review section in administration module – simply email your customers with the URL and ask them to provide a review and soon you’ll see the reviews coming in.

Improved Reservation Search

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The search filter has been enhanced to include location and product/room type selection. This makes it easier to find reservations for a certain location or product or both. The search filter will also remember the selected location and product and keep the same settings when creating new reservations or changing availability. To search for reservations, go to Frontdesk – Reservations.

Improved search filter
Improved search filter

WebReserv now in Europe

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For those of you located in Europe, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a sister site designated to the European Market. The new site,, is run out of our office in Spain and provides our European businesses with the same high level of service and support known from the US.

WebReserv is now in Europe
WebReserv is now in Europe

Our sister company in Europe can also help with website design and large-scale solutions. For more information about our European operations, please visit