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Adding lunch baskets to tour bookings

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This example shows how to add different types of lunch baskets to bookings, but it can be used for all other types of add-ons to bookings including segway tour bookings, boat tour bookings etc.

First create a custom field (list) with the Sandwiches.

After creating the custom field. Go to the product/tour where the lunch basket is to be included and add it under “customer information”.

The lunch basket is not added to the booking calendar is the customer can select the number of sandwiches during checkout.

In some cases, you may have different types of sandwiches. Say, ham and hurkey. This can easily be supported using the WebReserv booking system. Just create two custom fields, one for ham and one for turkey.

Again, remember to select the custom fields under “customer information”. In this scenario, we also created a custom field of type “information” and called it “lunch options”.

When the customer makes the reservation, the customer can now select how many ham sandwiches to add and how many turkey sandwiches to add.

The cost for the sandwiches are included in the total during the check out process:

Adding time and cost to custom fields

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The WebReserv booking system has many great features. One of the features is the ability to add prices and/or time to custom fields. This feature allows you to add options to reservations and during the booking process, your customer can select which option they want.

The screen shot below shows a “lunch option” that can be used for tours and rentals.

The custom field list can also include additional time that should be added to the reservation. This feature should only be used for hourly reservations. To specify additional time, enter it as [xdyhzm] where x = days, y=hours and z=minutes. So if you want the length of the reservation to increase by 20 minutes, enter [0d0h30m].

New custom field options for the booking calendar

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We are pleased to announce several new setup options for the custom field:

Selection label

If entered, the selection label will be shown instead of the custom field name when the custom selects the option.

Rate label

If entered, the rate label will be shown instead of the custom field name when charges are shown in the rate details.

Show price in selection list

If checked (default) the price for each selection item will be shown in the selection list. If unchecked, the price is not shown.

Office use only.

If checked the custom field will not be shown to the customer during the reservation process, but the field will be available when a reservation is made in the administration tool. Note that an office use only field will still be included in printouts and emails if those are checked.

“Office Use Only” custom fields

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It is now possible to create custom fields that are for office use only. This can be used to create fields that are internal to the office.

To create a custom field that is for office use only, create new custom field or open an existing custom field and select Office use only.

Note that custom fields that are marked Office Use Only will still be included in customer emails if Include In Customer Email has been selected.

Custom Field price calculation

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You probably already knew that you can add a price to a custom fields and use the custom field to charge for additional items, for example, extra equipment or catering. Starting with the latest release of you, you can now specify the time basis for such charges.

To set up your custom field charges, go to Setup – Custom Fields.

Custom Field Price Settings

If the price for an add-on charge is for the entire reservation, simply leave the time setting at 0. If the price depends on the length of the reservation, select the time frame that the price is for.

Say for example that the charge for DVD player is $15 per day, enter 1 in the time field and select day(s). Now the price will automatically be calculated based on the length of the reservation.

For more information about custom fields, click here