Booking Calendar

Keep better control of your availability

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The first update for 2008 has arrived and with it a powerful new availability calendar. The new availability calendar provides extends the old availability calendar with a fresh new colorful calendar that shows you availability, reservations and inventory status in a flash.

To experience the new availability calendar, simply go to Frontdesk -> Availability calendar or click here:

New availability calendar

From the availability calendar, you can click on each reservation or OOI (Out-Of-Inventory) item to get more information. To mark a unit as unavailable simply click on the link below the calendar.

For more information about managing reservations and availabilities, click here.

Fixing booking calendar icons

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Depending on your customer settings and reservation rules, you may experience that the date icon doesn’t align with the rest of the fields on the reservation widget as shown in the screen shot below.

Dropped Date icons

The icons are pushed down below the date fields because the width of the reservation widget is too small. Fortunately, it’s very easy to correct and get the date icons aligned.

To correct it, open the HTML file for your website and look for the width of the reservation widget (IFRAME).

Reservation Widget HTML

Change the width to be about 100-150 greater than the existing width. In most cases a new width of about 600 will be sufficient to get the icons aligned. After changing the HTML files, save it and test it to make sure that the date icons are shown correctly as shown below.

Correct date icons

For more tips on the reservation widget, check out the Resource Center at

Adding the availability calendar to your website

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The reservation widget / availability calendar is a cool utility from It can be added to one or more existing websites and provides all the reservation functionality needed to make a website interesting for the consumer. The reservation widget provides the following features:  availability calendar, customer information, credit card information.

The reservation widget can be embedded within your site or it can be opened as a pop-up window. In most cases, you’ll want to embed it in your site as it looks awesome with the availability calendar right there on your website.  It is easy to customize the reservation widget to have the same look as your own website (colors, fonts etc). Whether you embed the widget or open it as a popup-window will give you the same functionality.

How to embed the availability calendar

When you embed the reservation widget / availability calendar on your website, you can make it blend completely with your website layout and many customers prefer this option for that reason. In the screenshot (and example link) we made Casa Deco’s booking component use the same colors as the website, and the result is impressive.  Click here to see it:

Embedded availability calendar

How to pop-up the availability calendar

The pop-up version widget can be added to any website with just one line of HTML code. With the pop-up approach, you’ll get a booking button on your website, and a booking window will open when a customer clicks the booking button.
This is what the pop-up widget looks like:

The pop-up availability calendar

Note: You can copy the HTML code from and paste it onto your website. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu. Click here to see it:

Adding the booking component as an embedded component requires a few more lines of HTML code and possibly a little bit of tuning to get the colors right. To get the HTML code specifically for your business, log on to and select Web Components from the main menu.

To know how to embed the new calendar 2.0, click here.