Add your WebReserv booking system to your website

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Add your WebReserv booking system to your website

Building you own professional website is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Choose a design from a selection of more than 10 000 templates. Edit your website in a few simple and intuitive steps and get your site online in 1 click. Ideal for small businesses, this fantastic tool will make your life easier.

If you are designing your website in, use this guide to quickly add the WebReserv booking system to your website and start receiving bookings already today.


Why should you use the WebReserv booking system?

The WebReserv booking system is a fantastic tool for your booking needs. WebReserv is ideal for small businesses and has all the features you’re looking for to allow your customers to make instant reservations or bookings directly on your website. Want to know how to embed WebReserv in your website? Keep reading…

1. Copy HTML code from your WebReserv account

If you don’t have a WebReserv account, create a free account here. If you already have a WebReserv account, login and select Website from the top menu.

Select the version of the calendar, the calendar options and the appearance. Click here for more information about calendar options and colors.

Calendar options

Click the preview button. You will now see a preview of the booking calendar to the right. If everything looks good, highlight and copy the text in the HTML field.

Calendar HTML code

2. Paste the code into your editor

Now switch to your editor. In the left menu click the “Add” button


Select “Widget” and “Embed HTML”


An iFrame for HTML will show on your screen. Place it where you want the booking calendar to appear and adjust the size


Click “Embed HTML” to edit the HTML code and paste the HTML code of the WebReserv booking calendar


Click “Ok” and the booking calendar will show immediately on your page. You can now modify the height and width clicking “Size and position”


Save your work and click preview to see how it looks like.



Congratulations! You can instantly start receiving your first reservations through your webpage.

If you would like to know our best tips to increase your conversion rate and make a killer webpage, check this article by WebReserv. If you want to access all the WebReserv features, just let us know and get your SILVER or GOLD trial for free now.

And should you use another WebSite Builder than then check our Website builders category. WebReserv booking system fits almost all website builders. If yours is not in the list, then let us know.


We wish you good business!

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