Keep your customers in the loop with Pre and Post Visit Emails

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Keep your customers in the loop with Pre and Post visit Emails, When a customer makes a reservation through the booking system, WebReserv automatically sends him an email. This is a great feature because it gives your customers instant notification, all the details of their reservation, and the assurance that they have successfully made the booking. Does that mean you are through with all communication between you and your customer?  Of course not. There are still details and information that you would like to relay to your customers before arrival and even after they check out. Today we will talk about how WebReserv can help you keep your customer informed on every detail from A to Z with the Pre and Post Visit Email.

Pre and post visit emails can assist you by giving your customer a great experience from the first contact to the last. These emails allow you greater communication with your customers, and create added value to your sales and marketing strategy.

Pre-visit Email: The pre-visit email can be sent on whatever day of your choosing before your customer arrives (ex: 7 days before). This is a great way to avoid confusion with the date, the time, the place or the price. It is also a great platform to include important information about their room/rental/tour, such as items to bring, pick up location, or check in time.  Your customers will certainly appreciate the reminder as they are preparing for their arrival.

“I run a food tour business and I work with clients all over the world. They normally book 4-6 months in advance so it is vital to be able to remind them the important information about the tour (date, time, etc.) before they arrive. Also, the pre-visit email can be used as a voucher. There is no doubt this feature saves us a huge amount of time calling clients and, since it is customizable, it reinforce our corporate image.” explains Matthieu Floret from in Barcelona (Spain).

Post-visit Email: The post-visit email can be sent a certain amount of time after the day of the tour/activity/rental/stay (ex: 2 days after). You will normally use it to thank your customer for coming as well as ask him to share his feedback about the visit. It is also the best place to include links to social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and to convert a standard customer into a proactive customer. If you sell other products or services or gift cards, don’t lose the opportunity to remind him there are other things he might be interested in so you can boost your sales.

“We send the post-visit email 2 weeks after the tour. It is a very efficient tool as it helps us to easily measure our client satisfaction directing them to social medias as Facebook, instagram, Tripadvisor or Twitter that are essential for us.” Says Matthieu.

To know how to setup the pre and post visit email, click here

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