Give your booking calendar a new look with 10 brand new themes

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Summer has begun, and the sunny days always puts a smile on our faces.  It may be a good idea to transfer that good feeling onto your customers by giving your booking calendar a new look. This week, we have created 10 new beautiful themes that will give your calendar a fresh look and feel. We hope you will like it.

Black & Gold theme:

View Black & Gold theme in your browser

Black & Gold Theme

Fresh theme:

View Fresh theme in your browser

Fresh Theme

Fresh Bars theme:

View fresh bars theme in your browser

Fresh Bars Theme

Lavender theme:

View lavender theme in your browser

Lavender Theme

Lime theme:

View lime theme in your browser

Lime Theme

Pebble theme:

View pebble theme in your browser

Pebble Theme

Sunshine theme:

View Sunshine theme in your browser

Sunshine Theme

Tech-orange theme:

View Tech-orange theme in your browser

Techorange Theme

Brazil World Cup theme:

View Brazil World Cup theme in your browser

Worldcup Theme

Chocolate theme:

View Chocolate theme in your browser

Chocolate theme

I like one of these themes, how can I use it for my own calendar?

In order to use one of the theme designs, follow the steps below:

1. Open the preferred design in your browser.

2. In the address bar, copy the URL that comes after &css= (See example below)

Address Bar

3. Paste it in your own calendar’s iFrame as in the example below:



How can I create my own design?

WebReserv allows you to create your own design. To do so, go to the “Website” tab and under “Color theme” select “Choose your own”. This option will allow you to specify the 3 main colors of the calendar: text, borders and background. For further customization needs, you can create or modify the CSS (stylesheet). For more information about our customization options, see the help section Defining styles and colors. The CSS modification requires a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. If you would like our team to do a professional customization for you, contact us.


Spanish version here

French version here

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