Managing Inventory and Tour Times

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Managing Inventory and Tour Times As a tour or rental business, you likely have fixed times that you allow your customers to book.  Since you want to allow flexibility to your customers, you will want to offer a choice of time slots.  This is a great idea and your customers will appreciate the options, however, it may be challenging to manage your inventory if the time slots overlap.

The WebReserv Tour setup for Segway, kayak, or bike tour and rental companies offers many great features that are essential to your business.  One of those is the ability to manage overlapping tour times and availability.  This means that if you offer tours or rentals at different times, the system will automatically reduce availability over all the time slots that have an overlap.  See the example below of how this feature works.


ABC Segway Company offers a 2 hour tour of the city.  The start times available are at 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 1:00 PM.  They want to be able to offer all these times for their customers to choose from, but they only have a total of 10 Segways in their inventory.  In the WebReserv system, the company uses the Fixed Weekly Schedule reservation type to set up their time slots.  The typical setup will look like this:

Setup for tour schedules
Setup for tour schedules

In order to manage their inventory of 10 Segways, this company has chosen “Yes” to the setting “Decrease availability across overlapping schedules”.

Manage inventory with this setting
Manage inventory with this setting

Now, let’s see how this works when a booking is made.

A customer books the 10:00 AM Tour for 4 people, see booking information below:

Reservation as shown on the Home page
Reservation as shown on the Home page

This booking will now reduce the inventory count by 4 for both the 10:00 AM tour and the 11:00 AM tour because the end time (12:00 PM) of the 10:00 AM tour overlaps with the start time of the 11:00 AM tour.

Availability as shown on the booking calendar
Availability as shown on the booking calendar

For more information about setting up your Schedules for tours or rentals, see link below:

Setup up Tours/Rentals schedules

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