Adding Booking Fees to your Reservations

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We are pleased to release a new and improved way to add booking or processing fees to your reservations.  If you charge a booking or processing fee on reservations for your bed & breakfast rooms, vacation rentals, or tours, then adding this fee in WebReserv just got easier.

Since we know that every business structure is unique, you have several options for calculating the booking or processing fees to reservations.  This gives you flexibility depending on your type of room, rental, or tour.  See options below.

To add the fee, go to Setup – Business Information – Payments in your WebReserv account.  On this page, you will see the new section for Booking Fees:

Booking Fees
Booking Fees

In this section, you have several options for how to calculate the booking fee:

  • Percentage of total reservation
  • Set amount added to total reservation
  • Amount per person
  • Amount per unit

For a detailed look at each option, see our section in the Help Guide on Booking Fees: Adding Booking Fees

Important! If you currently charge a booking fee or processing fee using the Additional Charges fields (located in the Tax/Deposit section of the Product setup), we recommend that you change your setup to use these new booking fee options. This is particularly important if you are using multi-product reservations.

The percentage option in Additional Charges currently calculates the percentage based on all items in the reservation. Starting September 15, 2013, the % option under Additional Charges will calculate the percentage based on the specific item rather than all items in the reservation.

Even if you are not using multi-product reservations, we still recommend you use the new booking fee option to calculate this fee as the booking/processing fees can be reported separately from other charges.

2 thoughts on “Adding Booking Fees to your Reservations

    Susan said:
    August 26, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    A bit of a glitch maybe? Occasionally we waive our processing fee or reduce it as an incentive to our clients. This new system doesn’t allow me to remove or discount the fee on an as needed basis.

      webreserv responded:
      August 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm

      Hello Susan,

      Thanks for your post. It’s not a glitch. We designed the system to be able to override the booking/processing fee, but this feature did not make it in the last release as it was still being tested. Look for it in the near future.

      WebReserv Support

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