New Booking Calendar Features

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We are excited to announce the following new features and improvements to the WebReserv Booking System and the new Booking Calendar.

Product Filter

The Booking Calendar now supports a product filter. The product filter makes it possible to show the booking calendar with a subset of your rentals/tours/products. This is useful if you want to create separate pages on your website for different product categories, i.e. have all room rentals on one page and all your kayak or bike rentals on a different page.

The stunning new booking calendar from WebReserv
The stunning new booking calendar from WebReserv

The product filter works similar to the product filter in Booking Calendar 1.0. For more information, please see our online help file:

Language & Date Selection

For our European customers, we are pleased to add support for language and selection parameters for the new Booking Calendar. By default, the Booking Calendar detects the customer’s regional settings and will use the browser’s setting for language and date/time/currency format. However, many browsers defaults to English and use the US date/format.

You can override the automatic selection using the language and dateformat parameters.

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