Weekend Stay Rules

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The WebReserv system now has two ways for your bed & breakfast, vacation rental, or campground to set up a weekend stay rule.   If you require at least a 2 night minimum over a weekend, then you can now select between “Reservation Must Be At Least” or “Weekend Stay Required“. The difference between them is important, and we will explain each option below.

In the system to define a weekend restriction rule, you will first want to set your Weekend definitions.  The system defaults to a weekend being Friday/Saturday, but it can be adjusted by going to Setup – Business Information – Advanced Options.

Weekend Definitions
Weekend Definitions

Next, go to Setup – Products & Reservation Rules – [select room to edit] – Reservation Rules.  Set the weekend restrictions in the Length of Reservation section.

Option #1 – Reservation must be at least 2 nights

This option will require that a reservation must be at least two nights, but it doesn’t define which night over the weekend it must be.  If a customer attempts to book a reservation for a Thursday and Friday night, then the system will allow the reservation because it satisfies the 2 night minimum rule.

Reservation Must be at Least 2 nights
Reservation Must be at Least 2 nights

Option #2 – Weekend Stay Required

This option will require that a reservation meets the Weekend definitions that you have set in the system.  For example, your weekend is Friday/Saturday, and a customer attempts to book for a Thursday and Friday night.   The system will either accept the reservation and make a rate adjustment for an extra night (Saturday) or not allow the reservation at all (depending on what is set in the Reservations section in the Advanced Options of the Business Information).

Weekend Stay Required
Weekend stay required

With the Rate Adjustment, the system will accept the reservation, but charge the customer the rate for the requirement, i.e. Friday AND Saturday night.  In the example below, the total rate includes the rate for Saturday night even though the customer will only stay Thursday and Friday night.

Rate Adjustment
Rate Adjustment

If you have set it to not allow a reservation that does not meet the weekend stay requirement, then the customer will see this message when trying to book:

Do not allow reservation
Do not allow reservation


Based on these two options, what makes the most sense for your business?  Our recommendation is to consider each option carefully for your business.  While the Weekend Stay Required might be necessary for your business, it is important to bear in mind that a customer  might be displeased about receiving an error message that the reservation isn’t allowed or that they have to pay for an extra night.  It is possible that they might choose to take their business elsewhere.

If having the customer stay with you at least two nights is the most important to you, then setting the 2 night minimum is the best option.  The reason is that the customer will not run into any restrictions or price adjustments and happily complete the reservation and enjoy 2 wonderful nights at your establishment.

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