5 BIG Mistakes B&B Owners Make And How To Avoid Them – Part 5

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At WebReserv we have been working with the B&B industry for several years trying to provide the best service to our clients. We know that a good booking system is a valuable tool for the B&B owner, but we are also aware that there are many other aspects (marketing, communication, sales, accounting, etc.) that the business needs to refine and improve in order to be successful.

Yvonne Halling

Yvonne Halling is a B&B owner and a WebReserv client. She runs a successful B&B, and wants to share her experience and knowledge with other B&B’s. She writes about the 5 most common mistakes that B&B owners often make. Each week, we will discuss one mistake and give tips on how to avoid them. Here is the 5th mistake.

Not Realising That Customers Having Money in Their Pockets To Spend, That They Could Be Spending With You!

There is an old saying that a customer is a customer is a customer, to me this opened up the prospect of actually taking additional money from my B & B clients for non B & B goods and services.

I literally jumped in the air when I got this one, as it had never really occurred to me before and it fitted so well with my new found ‘how can I give customer value at an even higher level’?

Now remember while I am doing this I have never ever called in the decorators or worst still picked up a paint brush myself, nor have I bought more new comfy beds, sofa’s or put new carpets on the floor. No I have done none of that, in fact the truth is if I applied for a star rating again, god forbid, I would at best get 2 stars! So my point is you don’t need to do any of that at all!

So let me share with you how I made a full on profit of 20k, YES TWENTY THOUSAND, not turnover, full on money in my pocket by using a marketing strategy called ‘Upselling’.  This was truly one of the light bulb moments for me and what I call one of the, well I call it ‘Stupid Mistakes’ I was making and almost all B & B owners are making too…

Here’s what I did, with some research and time I started to find out what my customers really wanted, yes I know, I have said that in Big Mistake No. 3. But part of what I found out is that they love spending cash with me on the things they want, that in some cases, other than for me, they would never have found out about.

All I did was tell stories about the area around me and guess what, they wanted to know more and more, so I started offering them things they could buy from me that were in the story. Now I hear you say, that’s easy for you, you are where you are! But trust me, it’s true of every B & B, you have local expert knowledge that they will love, all you have to do is join the dots and offer them what your research tells you they want – It really is a no brainer.

To run this strategy of upselling, in marketing jargon you need to create a ‘Niche’ – which simply means identifying a speciality, preferably something you know about and/or like yourself. All you then do is share your knowledge. Now of course it has to be local to you, there’s no point being a specialist in sea fishing if you live 100 miles inland. Then with this specialist knowledge you simply start to build yourself a specialist B & B business around your chosen subject.

It really is a case of how much do you want or need that extra cash, after all what would you do with and extra 20k straight in your pocket this year? I got this in my second year after getting upselling started. This year I have increased my B & B prices by 5% and am expecting even more visitors as I hone my marketing strategies. On top of that as I hone my ‘upselling’ skills I am expecting even my 20k of extras to vastly increase, how cool if I could help you do exactly the same for your business…

Yvonne turned her Bed and Breakfast « hobby » business, making 10k a year into a 6 figure professional B&B in less than 3 years.  Trained in NLP, Presentation Skills and Leadership with Chris Howard, Yvonne is a professional coach and consultant helping B&B owners worldwide to make more money.  Get the full report “5 BIG Mistakes B&B Owners Unwittingly Make And How To Avoid Them” at http://bedandbreakfastcoach.com

More information about WebReserv on www.webreserv.com

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