Adding agent codes to reservations

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We have added a new optional field – agent code – to the customer fields. The agent code can be used by affiliates and partners to enter an identification that later can be used for commission payments.

Adding agent code to a reservation
Agent/referral codes
Once an agent code has been stored with a reservation, it cannot be changed. For reservations made in the administration system, the agent code will automatically be set to the username of the user creating the reservation.

It is also possible to include the agent code in the URL to the booking calendar. This enables you to give agent-specific booking calendars to your affiliates. To add the agent code to the URL, add the parameter &agent=agentcode to the booking calendar URL (replace agentcode with the actual agent code for each agent).

One thought on “Adding agent codes to reservations

    mark thomas said:
    October 4, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    the more i learn, the more i love this software!

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