New availability list for scheduled tours and trips

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We are proud to announce the release of a new feature that makes it much easier to manage availability for scheduled tours and trips. This includes tour bookings and shuttle bookings. The new availability list allows you to manage the number of seats for each tour or schedule.

To view or update the availability for schedules, go to

On the availability-by-schedule screen, you can select the individual tours or schedules and update availability for each:

view change schedule availability

The availability list displays for each schedule:

  • Date & Time
  • Number of units/seats for this schedule or tour
  • Number of units/seats reservation for this schedule
  • Number of units/seats not available for this schedule
  • Number of units/seats available
  • % units/seats reserved

To update the number of available units or seats for a given schedule, enter the total number of units available in the no. units field. When you have updated the schedules click save to save the changes.

Note: The Not Available column reflects units/seats taken out of inventory using the regular availability calendar. Although the regular availability calendar can be used to adjust inventory for scheduled tours, we recommend that you use this new availability list.

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