Eight out of ten online shoppers indicated that online reviews were influential in their purchase decisions. That’s right – customer reviews is one of the most important influencers for new customers.

The new customer review feature on WebReserv makes it easy to collect customer reviews from your customers and share them with other customers. Your WebReserv account already includes this feature, so all you have to do is tell your existing customers where to post the reviews.

The customer review feature consists of two different reviews screens, one for your customers and one for your business. The customer review screen shown in the picture above can be found on your business listing on WebReserv.com. There is also a review writing section where your existing customers can post new reviews.

To help you monitor the reviews, we have also added a review section to the Frontdesk. To view your reviews, log on to your WebReserv account and go to Frontdesk – Reviews. Here you can view your customer reviews. You cannot edit customer reviews, but you can delete reviews that are inappropriate for your business.

To get customer reviews added to your business listing, tell existing customers to go to the online review section to provide a review of your business. You can find the Internet address for your review section in administration module – simply email your customers with the URL and ask them to provide a review and soon you’ll see the reviews coming in.

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