New “round-up” feature for rate calculation.

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A new “round-up” setting enables the reservation system to pick the rate that is higher than, or equal to, the length of the reservation. The round-up is typically used when a rental has one rate up to a specific length of time and a different rate after that time.


We want to set a rate for $45 for the first 4 hours, and $90 per day after the first 4 hours.

To use the round-up rate, go to Setup – Products  & Reservation Rules and select Reservation  Rules.  In the Rate Calculation Field, select Round Up.

Rate calculation round-up/down mode

Next we need to enter the rates. Go to Rates – Edit Rates for your rate list. If the time frame (4 hours) is not listed, click on the add times links to create a time frame for 4 hours.

Set up timeframe

Go back to the Rate Setup screen and enter the rates for 4 hours and the daily rate.

Setup rate

You can also use the round-up to provide a discount when reserving more than a certain number of days. Say for example that you want to charge $90 per day for the first 3 days, but if a reservation is 4, 5, 6 or 7 days, you’ll charge a flat rate of $360 (4 day rate). Simply create the time columns for 2 and 3 days and enter your rates as shown below.

Setup rate

See our link for more information about rate calculation.

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