Availability calendar update makes scheduling easier

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Now you can use the availability calendar to view hourly reservations and fixed-schedule reservations. The calendar has also been updated to include more date ranges (month, 14-daysweek and day) and you can easily navigate the calendar using the scroll-bar at the bottom .

With the calendar update it’s easy to view availability and make corrections if necessary. Say for example that a unit becomes unavailable due to maintenance. To mark it as unavailable in the system, simply go to the availability calendar and click the link Mark unit as unavailable. This will take you to a form where you can select the unit and select the time period for which the unit is unavailable. You can even enter a description for the unavailable entry so it’s easy to see why it’s unavailable.

Availability Calendar

Click on the thumbnail to view full screenshot.

When units are unavailable, they are marked with a gray box in the availability so they can easily be distinguished from other reservations. If you need to change an unavailability entry, simply click on it in the calendar and change the timeframe as needed. To remove an unavailable entry, open the entry by clicking on it in the availability calendar and click the button named delete this entry.

For more information about managing reservations and availabilities, click here.

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